Closed for Business

September 27, 2015

Dearest Kookiedoodle Family,

We most sincerely regret to inform you that after three wonderful years, my mother Sheila and I have made the difficult decision to close our beloved Kookiedoodle. We understand that the immediacy of this news may leave some of you shocked, disappointed and even heartbroken. Please know that as creators of this concept, we too are facing these painful emotions. We seek your understanding and acceptance so that we may be able to move forward and focus on our family during this difficult time. Next to starting and running a business from scratch, saying goodbye to our customers is one of the toughest things we have ever done.

Mom and I started this business with passion, heart, creativity and a strong belief that children and their families desperately needed a place to disconnect from technology, to gather in community and to explore the power of creativity within a positive, pressure-free environment. It has been our joy to see our Kookiedoodle friends learn to trust their instincts, free their imaginations and gain confidence in themselves and in their own original ideas.

Unlike most big businesses, we know your names, faces and the precious personal stories you’ve shared with us. We’ve had the great honor of witnessing unforgettable moments between parents, children and grandparents in our open studio, we've loved helping you celebrate those fabulous birthdays and we’ve been throughly amazed at all your kids have accomplished in our classes, camps and pizza nights. We most certainly won’t forget you and the beautiful memories your families have helped us create.

Despite the pains in closing, we will never regret our decision to follow our hearts and create Kookiedoodle. Please know that every kind word, smile and referral was greatly appreciated, most especially on days when our funds and energies ran low.

While our doors may be closed, our Facebook page will remain open and we invite you to share your stories, pictures and anything else you’d like to share. No doubt it will be a place we will visit often--to smile, to cry and most especially, to remember all the beautiful people we’ve met along this journey:

Lastly, take risks and encourage your kids to follow their dreams, no matter how scary those leaps may seem. Speaking from experience, they will be better for it and very least they will be able to say with heads held high that they truly lived. I have to thank my mom for teaching me that and for all the unwavering support she’s given me along the way. It has meant the world.

With love, Katie & Sheila Weiford